Hospitality Skills Toolkit

New season, new opportunities – recruit the best … and keep them


With 20% more jobs to fill in Cornwall than there are people, and over 20,000 businesses looking for staff, you really have to stand out from the crowd to attract and retain the best people.  You want to be an employer of choice. You want your industry to be one that attracts top talent.


The best jobs are in the best businesses.  How do people identify the best company to work for?

  • Is it successful? Communicate a sense of achievement, progress and opportunity
  • Does it have a compelling vision? People work harder if there is a bigger purpose
  • Who works there? Everyone wants an amazing boss or team
  • Where does it go? Be clear about the opportunities to move up the ladder

Why did your staff choose to work for you? This is a litmus moment. Ask your best staff what makes you a good company to work for … and what might make you even better?

Listen to your staff.  Find out what they think … of their managers … of  the jobs they do … of their sense of purpose.  Click here for tools to help do this safely and constructively

Show potential employees what your staff think is great about working for your business.

How do you help your staff go the extra mile?

  • Embed clear business goals and objectives throughout your business – See Tool
  • Identify and develop leadership and management skills in your team – See Tool
  • Seek out, listen to and act on staff views – See Tool