Hospitality Skills Toolkit


Complete a 10 minute self-assessment of your business practices and receive a report that identifies your strengths and areas for improvement. It’s easy to get started:

1. You are asked to rate your level of confidence in 30 simple statements about the working practices within your organisation.

2. Enter your contact details and receive a report that enables you to identify areas for improvement.

3. The report includes an action plan template, using your answers you can select the top five priorities for your business and develop a plan to implement new ways of workings.

This self-assessment can be used in different ways – a business owner can use it to get oversight of where they see gaps in the business, or it could be used as a team exercise to give a true state of the business or by head of departments to see how different parts of the business are operating.

Leadership & Culture

All staff know what the business goals and objectives are

We have a clear business structure

Managers communicate future priorities

Managers lead by example

Managers motivate and empower staff to achieve results

Managers support staff to deliver objectives

Communication at all levels is consistently effective

We regularly use a staff engagement review


We have standard operating procedures

These standards are reviewed and updated regularly

Staff are involved in the standards review process

Our business consistently exceeds customer expectations

Learning & Development

Staff know what is expected of them in their role

Staff have a job description

Staff are trained in standard operating procedures

Expectations of behaviour and performance are clearly communicated

Managers identify current skills of staff at induction and promotion

We have an effective induction process

Each department/role has an initial training programme

Progression & Performance

Staff have opportunities to progress

Advice on progression is communicated throughout the business

Staff are encouraged to take responsibility for their own learning

Staff are given feedback on how the work to the standard operating procedures and the business goals and objectives

Managers carry out regular performance reviews to identify individuals learning and development needs

Customer feedback on staff performance is consistently high

Business Performance

The business has clear objectives linked to Key Performance Indicators (KPI's)

KPI's are monitored regularly

The Managers make informed decisions based on KPI's

KPI's are reviewed periodically

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